Institutional Partners

  • French Ministry of Culture and Communication
  • French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Institut Français
  • European Union

Our Professional Partners

Our partners support the Conservatoire’s activities and broaden its scope.

La Cité de la musique 

The Cité de la Musique, located just opposite the Conservatoire, is a key professional partner offering a wide range of resources. It includes a concert hall, an amphitheatre equipped with an organ by Dupont belonging to the Conservatoire and the Museum of Musical Instruments. Its new media library is organised into several different sections (current events, professional information and careers, multimedia, sheet music and teaching of music, young people’s space, organology and documentation, musical culture). Conservatoire musicians, dancers and ensembles participate in the programmes organised by the Cité de la Musique, giving them a valuable foretaste of the career to which they are preparing and an irreplaceable experience just before they embark on their professional life. 

National Dance Centre (CND) 

The CND, placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Communication and located very near the Conservatoire, is a unique institution in Europe. It offers a rich cultural environment and acts as a hub for encounters between choreographers, creators, performers and teachers. Designated as one of France’s two national dance resource centres, it is also one of the Conservatoire’s valued partners.

L’Ensemble intercontemporain 

The Ensemble Intercontemporain, in residency at the Cité de la Musique, was founded by Pierre Boulez in 1976. Dedicated to the music of our time, its 31 soloists regularly coach students during orchestral sessions devoted to the interpretation of major works of the contemporary repertoire.

(IRCAM) Research Institute in Acoustics and Music 

IRCAM is a centre for scientific research entirely devoted to new technologies within the context of musical creation. Providing numerous occasions for creators and performers to come together, IRCAM gives our composition and instrumental students the opportunity to participate in a broad range of pedagogical projects involving contemporary repertoire. 

Radio France

Radio France is one of the largest cultural enterprises in Europe and one of the biggest radio centres in the world. As the leading producer of living music and the largest employer of musicians, it plays a key role in the development of contemporary creation and is a valued professional partner for the Conservatoire.

Training Opportunities with Orchestras 

In order to provide our students with a solid base with which to best integrate the various aspects of the music profession, the Conservatoire has established partnerships with renowned orchestras.

The Orchestre de Paris and the Académie de l’Orchestre de Paris 

Our string players find complementary high quality training within the Orchestre de Paris, whose three century-long history and more than one hundred concerts a year make it one of the great international orchestras today, embracing all symphonic traditions as well as contemporary creation. Since its 2003-04 season, the Orchestre de Paris has added a more specifically educational dimension that reinforces its already long-standing links with the Conservatoire. It has introduced a number of training programmes (work experience in the orchestra, participation in concerts...) providing valuable professional experience. 

L’Orchestre National de France 

The partnership established between the Orchestre National de France and the Paris Conservatoire is a source of added value and professionalism for our string and percussion players. As a leading symphony orchestra composed of tenured musicians, its role is to perform the grand repertoire, perform new works, and perpetuate the French style of interpretation, both in Paris and elsewhere in the world.

International Exchange Partner Schools

Partner Schools involved in the Erasmus+ and bilateral student and teachers exchange programs

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