Governance and Organisation


Oversight for the Conservatoire is provided by its Board of Trustees, led by a President nominated by the French President ; the school leadership is ensured by a director also nominated by the French President, as proposed by the Culture Minister. The director is assisted by a deputy. The Pedagogical Council is consulted by the director regarding all academic issues.

The Conservatoire is organised as follows

A Division of Music Studies and Research, comprising eight faculties

  • The Department of Classical and Contemporary Instrumental Disciplines
  • The Department of Musicology and Analysis
  • The Department of Sound Engineering
  • The Jazz and Improvised Music Department
  • The Department of Vocal Disciplines
  • The Pedagogy Department : Teacher Training
  • The Department of Composition, Compositional Aesthetics and Conducting
  • The Department of Early Music

A Choreographic Studies Division for Classical and Contemporary Dance

“Resource” Centres

  • The Hector Berlioz Multimedia Library
  • The Music Activities Library
  • The Audio-Visual Department
  • The Centre for Research and Publications
  • The Documentation Centre and Archives

Nine Departments support these

  • Finance and General Affairs
  • Performance Apprenticeship (Production)
  • External affairs and international relations
  • Communication and Development
  • A Division of Student Affairs
  • Human Resources 
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Information Technology
  • In-House Management and Logistics

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