The Conservatoire

Where can I find official information about the Conservatoire ?
Consult The Conservatoire

When is the Conservatoire open ?
Consult Practical Information

What are the term dates ? When is the School officially closed ?
Consult The Conservatoire

Support the Conservatoire 

How can I contribute to the training levy ?
See Training levy

How can I become a patron of the Conservatoire ?
Consult Support the Conservatoire

Is it possible to rent space at the Conservatoire ?
Consult Space Rental


Courses of Study

What are the courses of study ?
Consult Degrees Offered

What are the professional perspectives for Conservatoire graduates ?
Consult Pathways and Perspectives


Departments and Faculty

What subjects are taught at the Conservatoire and who are the faculty members ?
Consult Departments 



How does one become a student at the Conservatoire ?

Admission is by competitive examination only. Kindly consult admission requirements for each entrance examination. For admission to the research cycle, consult the “Research” section of the site.

Can I apply directly ?

No, entrance to the Conservatoire is by competitive entrance examination. To enter, one must successfully pass the entrance examination.

Where can one learn about application procedures and entrance examinations ?

When does registration for entrance examinations take place ?

How many times can I take the entrance examination ?

No candidate can apply more than three times in a specific subject area. Candidates who have successfully completed the first round may, however, apply a fourth time.

Are there age limits to register for the entrance examination ?

Consult the specific admission criteria for each examination in Registration for Entrance Examinations

How much does it cost to take the entrance examinations ?

What should I do if I have problems with my registration ?

Consult the Registration follow-ip and contact the appropriate department

International Students

Are there specific requirements for international students wishing to enter the Conservatoire ?
As an international student, can I apply by sending a CD or DVD, or do I need to audition in person?
Entrance examinations for international candidates are the same as for the French. Consult Admission Criteria. Nevertheless, non-Francophone students admitted to the 1st or 2nd Cycle and Doctoral candidates must present the relevant certificate attesting to sufficient linguistic level in French according to the levels established by the Council of Europe. For the 1st cycle, B1, for the 2nd cycle, B2, and for the Doctoral program, C 1.


Student Life

What are the Conservatoire’s registration and tuition costs ? Does it cost more for international students to attend the Conservatoire ?
All students pay the same fees, regardless of nationality.

Does the Conservatoire offer scholarships? Are scholarships offered to international students ?
Consult Scholarships and Grants

Is the Conservatoire affiliated with a student housing agency ?
Consult Housing

Does the Conservatoire offer an international exchange program ?
Consult Coming on Exchange

How can I reserve a rehearsal studio at the Conservatoire ?
Consult Life at the Conservatoire



I am currently engaged in research in a foreign institution : is it possible to come as a visiting research scholar ?

How can I  learn more about Conservatoire research programs ?

Consult Research


See and Hear

All year long, the Conservatoire organises and participates in various events ; Consult our Calendar regularly

How can I be regularly kept informed about Conservatoire events ?
Register for the Newsletter

Are concerts and performances at the Conservatoire free ?
Yes. Consult Practical Information

How may I reserve to attend a concert or performance at the Conservatoire ?
It is preferable to reserve by e-mail. Consult Practical Information

Is it possible to receive the concert program as soon as it is published ?
Yes, by contacting the Communication Department

Does the Conservatoire organise Open Houses ?
There is one organised every year by the Dance Division ; for music, it is less frequent. Consult the Communication Department or the Calendar

Is it possible to take photos at the Conservatoire ?
An authorization request must be sent to the Communication Department in advance.

How can I attend class auditions or final recitals ?
Consult Practical Information

Is it possible to visit the Conservatoire ?
Consult Practical Information

Does the Conservatoire offer handicapped access ?
Consult Practical Information

Are master-classes open to the public ?
Master-classes are first and foremost destined for Conservatoire students. However, some master-classes are open to the public. For more information please call 01 40 40 46 47 or consult the calendar of master-classes on line

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